Now you're talking!

A unique resource to teach language skills

Talking Dice is a unique and creative way to teach language skills to any age and ability. Because they are picture based, the dice can be used to teach ANY first or second language in a variety of ways. Talking Dice are used by thousands of language teachers, primary school teachers and speech therapists worldwide.

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Talking Dice App

iOS App

With the Talking Dice app, you can select the various dice and roll them on the screen. The app even enables you to create your own dice, using simple text, or pictures from your camera or camera roll. Only your imagination is the limit to the kinds of dice you can make!

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E-Talking Dice

Windows Software

The software is an interactive version of the dice. You can select the various dice and roll them on the screen, as well as create your own dice importing pictures or typing words.

Perfect for the interactive whiteboard!

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Let your imagination roll!